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We have been operating on the labor market for more than 15 years, during which we have gained an excellent overview of specific market segments. Members of the HR PROfi team go through continuous training, have a proactive approach and are above-standard motivated. HR PROfi's expertise consists of the following services:


Executives, managers and highly specialized professionals do not normally look for new opportunities on personnel portals, do not issue their CVs and do not have time to monitor the vacancy market. We search for and address these professionals directly and discreetly. A well-informed and motivated candidate will move your company to better results.


Our standard is a quick introduction of qualified and proven employees from manual professions to top positions. We work efficiently and innovatively with social networks and HR marketing, job portals, internal and external databases and personal references. Based on a correctly defined client request, we will ensure a successful selection procedure with the right candidates.


We also work with very specific requirements. We will design and implement tailor-made solutions. We will help improve the processes so that you are effective in recruiting the right employees.

OUTSOURCING of tenders and sourcing of candidates

If you do not know who to look for and how to search, we will work with you on the profile of the position you are looking for and ensure effective advertising and promotion based on your request. We mediate the pre-selection of a candidate, including the selection of CVs. We will find a suitable candidate, arrange interviews in your company and thus save you time.

OUTPLACEMENT of employees

If you want to say goodbye to your employees with dignity, you can use the outplacement service. You can provide support to your former employees in finding new opportunities and at the same time thank them for the work they have done in your company. Through this service, you can also contribute to building your brand as a great employer. We will make your leaving employees a new challenge in their search for further employment.

If you are looking for quality employees and would like to use the services of HR PROfi, do not hesitate to contact us

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