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We offer candidates professional advice for easier orientation on the labor market. Our communication is open and fair. We will help you succeed in tenders. You are a partner for us, not an item in the database. We will provide feedback and, in case of failure in the selection process, we will offer help with other job opportunities. We are always looking for a Win - Win solution for everyone involved


During the personal consultation, we will present the current situation on the labor market and recommend you how to effectively and systematically look for a new job opportunity that corresponds to your experience and salary requirements. We will advise you on how to present yourself on social networks, build your personal brand and improve your professional CV. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to successfully attract your new employer.

Price 3.590 Kč incl. VAT


We will help you update and compile your CV so that it is attractive in every tender. We will help you stand out and present yourself professionally. We will advise you on the structure of your CV, what information should be considered important and which ones are on the other hand unnecessary.

Price 1.190 Kč incl. VAT


We will fine-tune and edit your profile on the strongest professional social network to attract job brokers or potential employers. We will support the growth of your personal brand in both online and offline environments.

Price 1.190 Kč incl. VAT


We will prepare you for an important job interview in the form of a training interview. We will advise you on how to present your previous work experience and CV, how to learn as much as possible about the job content of a specific position and, last but not least, how to negotiate your evaluation.

Price 2.390 Kč inc. VAT

After a joint career consultation, we will introduce you to the offer of suitable job opportunities and, if necessary, we will actively contact your dream companies


Do not hesitate to contact us for personnel consulting and an offer of a suitable job with our clients

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